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How to properly arrange farmland for water-saving drip irrigation belts

The water-saving drip irrigation belt has played a very important role in the irrigation of farmland crops, so it is widely used. Below we introduce in detail how farmers properly use drip irrigation belts in farmland crops:
        Farmland crops are generally planted in east-west direction, with branch pipes arranged on the north side of the farmland, and the soft zone of the water-saving drip irrigation belt is generally arranged in a north-south style according to the row spacing of the cultivated crops. Use a 40 × 25 mm reducer tee connection. One end of 25 mm is covered with a dripping water band and tied with a rope or iron wire. The other end of the dripping water band must also be tightened. Then use a black semi-soft plastic tube with an inner diameter of 40 mm to connect the two ends of the reducer tee at a certain distance. The connecting tubes at both ends of the greenhouse are blocked with plastic.
        Using different diameter tees to connect the dripping soft belt, with large water delivery and fast flow rate, especially suitable for greenhouses longer than 50 meters. If the greenhouse is too long, you can divide the greenhouse into two groups, install two valves, and implement group irrigation; the other is to punch the water delivery branch pipe according to the layout of the soft belt, install a bypass on the hole, and drip the water The soft belt is connected to the bypass water outlet and tied tightly. Bypass is cheaper and saves a lot of work than reducing tees. Sunlight greenhouses usually use this connection method when the water delivery distance is small.
        The various parts of the water-saving drip irrigation belt play their role in order to make the water-saving drip irrigation belt have such a good effect. Of course, it is very important to make the accessories of the water-saving drip irrigation belt perform their duties. Learn about the arrangement of the drip irrigation tape!




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